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Represented by Punq we were tasked with directing and producing 4 Krave shorts for Isobar.

The shorts were deliberate pastiches themed around various classic movies and starring the wonderfully evil Chocovores versus the lemming-like choc chunks. High on humour and tongue in cheek we follow the Chocovores' relentless quests to consume the choc chunks through any means...

The films have been around on both the Belgian and French Kellogg's Facebook sites, already picking up a whopping 2 million views (approximately a fifth of the population of Belgium, fact fans).
We used a little (and a lot) of everything in this. As ever, all put together in Softimage. Final result was rendered in Arnold, fluids courtesy of Lagoa and swearing. The main Krave rig was a customised Gear setup. ICE was used, well, pretty much everywhere.

We abused the pref attribute of Arnold and some intricate construction history to get away from any kind of texture stretching around the Kraves mouth, essentially sampling the position of the undeformed original mesh to provide our texture coordinates for the surface colour and displacement. ICE came in to play in the creation and implementation of the various blendshapes for the crazy 'my mouth is nearly as large as my body but I still need to deform elegantly' Krave geometry.

Lagoa provided the base sims for the chocolate melt, which were then massaged into place by ICE before being surfaced with EmPolygonizer, with additional smoothing and shoving via ICE bludgeoned over the top.



Client Creative:
James Leigh

Punq Producer:
Dominic Bunjavec

Isobar Producers:
Sebastian Fahey
Jo Rae
Joey Lugg

VFX Supervisors:
Jules Stevenson
Neil Canterbury