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Mathematical! Just hearing the words 'Adventure Time' and 'project' pretty much had us hook, line and sinker. Kettle are a cynical bunch of sods, but there is genuine pride when we look back at this one - great project, great results, fun times. Algebraic!

The wonderful Hellicar and Lewis approached us to help them bring an interactive, touring Adventure Time experience to life. Kettle built, shaded, textured and animated over 40 characters for the experience and designed the look of the 3D - carefully brining the 2D world of AT into fully fleshed out 3D goodness.

The experience was put together in Unity with Kettle managing the pipeline of character integration (both in 3D and Unity Side). Kettle also designed and built the look development. This included programming the realtime shaders, building blendable lighting tools to smoothly fade between lighting states (or not so smoothly in the dance off section!) and the animation controllers and various other scripts and tools to assist with whatever madness the characters required.
Cartoon Network / Hellicar & Lewis

Hellicar and Lewis
Directors: Pete Hellicar, Joel Lewis
Producer: Michelle Stanhope
3D: Sam Roe

Main Developer
Jason Walters (Glitchbeam)
 CG Supervisors
Jules Stevenson

CG Generalists
Ben beckett
Neil Canterbury
Doug Kennedy

Shaders, Lookdev and Unity
Jules Stevenson