Redbull CPD Redbull CPD Redbull CPD Redbull CPD

Redbull CPD

Working with the amazing Interesting Times out of Beirut and our fine chums TTHSS we were commissioned to handle the visual side of the new Redbull car park drifting mobile game (car park drift = CPD). We worked hand in hand with the smashing developers Pixel Punch in putting together a high octane, high fun, tournament based drifting extravaganza. It’s also pretty addictive. Crack’s got nothing on this.

We were tasked with the look development, the level and track design, all 3d art assets and shader development. We’re pretty chuffed with the result, and suggest you motor off to the IStore / Play Store to go get some serious drift.
The game was built in Unity and all art assets built in Softimage. This also meant the production of a full Soft > Unity pipeline, which was nice. As part of this process we developed our own internal 'baker' rather than using the built in lightmapper in Unity. This allowed to use the flexibility and quality of Arnold and have a very micro grain control over the quality of the lightmaps. A neat aspect of this was scaling the space the lightmap occupied in the map by it's size relative to proximity to player. 

All in game shaders are hand coded, and include snazzy stuff like layered env lookups simulating car paint and a matrix colour transformation to give a very fast overall colour grade per level.

Interesting Times / THHSS

CG Supervisor:
Jules Stevenson

Phin Glynn
Harriet Glynn

Pixel Punch

3D Artists:
Neil Canterbury
Meg Pattern
Nic Groot Bluemink
Craig Madden