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Privacy policy inline with the GDPR. Exciting eh!

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All that Pitch Work

We do a fair whack of pitch work that never even sees the light of day, so instead of swearing and crying over not winning the work we though we might show you some of the better images we made....

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WebGL and Unity 5

 Following on from my hugely well thought out and massivelty read post on WebGL (sarcasm, ok). Unity went official...

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WebGL and me sitting in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

 I love 3d, I love the web. For nearly a decade I’ve been doing stuff to bridge the two. Most of that time has been spent using linear rendering1 to deliver pretty PNGs (an image format) or uncompressed Quicktimes (a movie format) and getting them to developers in the right order to give the illusion of interactive 3d, this has worked well, with some very pretty interactive experiences or content delivery possible in this way

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Low budgets suck

We’ve done a few low budget jobs in our time. We’ve even done some insanely low budget work. Naming no names, but there was a project over summer that nearly ruined us, and also reinforced some ideas that I’d been formulating about underpaid jobs. So much so that I actually wanted to write them down.

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Orange Ninjas

A brief summary of all things Ninjaery - how the project came about, how we dealt with it. An insight into the overall process....

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In press...ed

Mentos UP2U featured in Shots

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Managed workgroup switching in Softimage

A quick discussion on the use of multiple workgroup setups in a Softimage based pipeline.

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Gelukkige Verjaardag

It's noses to the grind stone here at Kettle as deadlines loom on a number of our projects. Even forgot to wish our much loved dutch animator Nic a Happy Birthday yesterday!

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Pressing News!

Our rebrand was mentioned in Shots on-line and Broadcast this month. A big thank you to Ryan at Shots and Will at Broadcast.

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HDR Video

Ok, so we just tweeted about a HDR video camera. So what's the big deal with this? Well, according to the comments on the gizmodo article about the same camera not a lot. I disagree.

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Vimeo a-go-go!

Our back catalogue lives...

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New name, Same game.

What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot, when you’re in our business. That’s why we’ve changed ours. From this day forward, JS3D will now be known as Kettle. A new name, a new studio, but offering the same inspirational creativity we always have.

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