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Working with TBWA under the superlative creative direction of Eric Chia and under the producing talent of Josh Tensor Kettle were tasked with the production of an eye popping brand film for Sotheby’s, the internationally respected auction house.
Responsible for visualising Sotheby’s impressive history of incredible auctions, as well as communicated the brand ideals of the company, we bought to life many of the unique objects that have passed through their halls in a striking, line drawn approach.
As per usual XSI was our core 3D application. We used ICE extensively in the creation of the line animations, generating several tools and compounds to try and relieve some of the animators nightmares for controlling the flow of the curves and their deformations. The project relied intensively on After Effects for the final assembly, and specifically our in house XSI > After Effects plugin, that allows seamless integration between the 3D worlds of the two respective applications.

Design Director: Eric Chia
Producer: Josh Tensor

CG Supervisor
Jules Stevenson

CG Generalists
Neil Canterbury
Alex Doss
Doug Kennedy
Darren Cullis