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A double whammy of Bower and Wilkins high fidelity 3D.

Kettle have been working hard with the wonderful audiophiles at Bowers and Wilkins to help them launch their latest set of high end audio gear. Producing work for the launch of the prodigious new 700 series and downright awesome PX headphones. We were responsible for the numerous films, stills, translations and motion graphics work, specifically….

We designed and directed the 700 series launch film, featuring their flagship speaker, the 702. Briefed to show off the improvements made to the 700 series over their spiritual precursor, the CM series, we animated a full deconstruction from the CM series into the beast that is the new 702. We were also responsible for producing a technical deconstruction film that comprehensively pulls out and examines every aspect of the speaker for the hardcore HiFi nerds out there - you know who you are :).
For the launch of the PX we produced the motion graphics elements for the lifestyle film including designing the Logo ident which has been used across numerous Bowers and Wilkins marketing materials. As per the 700 series we also produced a full technical breakdown film that details the incredible engineering and design that goes into all their products.
Bowers and Wilkins


Client Creative:

Danny Haikin

Client Producer:

Olga Hilliar

CG Supervisors:
Jules Stevenson
Neil Canterbury