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To help them with the launch of their new and improved Zeppelin wireless speaker our friends at _SOON introduced us to Bowers and Wilkins. Working together as a big old happy family, we visualised key aspects of the product that would have been difficult and costly to film.

Our family outing was two pronged: Produce an interactive film that highlights key aspects of the device, and the production of several beauty shots to be used within a product promo. We made sure that the lighting and setup of the shots was faithful to the lighting used for the product, and that the internal aspects looked as good as they possibly could. Who could have thought that an internal plastic casing could be described as 'sexy'.

Only one Zeppelin was harmed during this production.

See the Zeppelin in alls its rendered glory here: Bowers and Wilkins
Now if anyone's read anything in this section from previous works, then you already know what renderer we used. Arnold kicked it yet again, with a little assistance from some freshly tweaked Kettle shaders. MOI was a godsend for the conversion of the mesh from CAD to something sensible for good old Softimage. Much post was performed by Nuke to stitch the wireframed / edge images together with the beauty.
Bowers and Wilkins / _SOON


_SOON Creative:
Fred Flade

_SOON Producer:
Alex Light

B&W Producer:
Hannah Kemp-Longhurst
CG Supervisors:
Jules Stevenson
Neil Canterbury