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Orange Ninjas

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Orange have a new campaign featuring rather helpful sneaky ninjas, giving you lots of good things ever so stealthily.

Orange have lots of agencies working for them. How do you empower those agencies to produce their own material for the campaign whilst at the same time keeping quality control, flexibility and costs low?

You talk to Kettle. We deliver good things.

Orange's new campaign features new characters and gazillions of props*, designed by tip top sculptor Wilfred Wood. Kettle were tasked by Fallon with producing CGI digital doubles for the Ninja models and various props. The models are then distributed to the below the line agencies who pose and render out the required visuals accordingly. 

By working digitally we have saved the below the line agencies significant costs whilst increasing creative productivity: no photo shoots are required; the agencies are free to do what they wish with the models and props, as quickly as they need.

* this is nearly true.
Creating and distributing 3D models for general purpose use by multiple recipients is no easy feat. Kettle produced various Maya files to facilitate easy usage. As well as producing the ninjas and prop assets, we also produced a master lighting scene to keep the assets consistent. Everything was done to make the output of images and animations as simple as possible for the end agencies - the renders were set up so that they didn't require any post production: set up your scene, render and you're done. These assets have been used across all media. We've created online animations, banner ads, online and traditional print, press and out of home media.

There's a detailed blog post on the whole Orange process here.
VFX Supervisor:
Jules Stevenson
3D Artists:
Nic Groot Bluemink
Jules Stevenson
Alex Dorman
Neil Canterbury