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Seat Leon

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With this project we had the honour of being able to work with the fabulously creative guys over at Analog Folk. They approached us with the idea of building a light portrait over the new Seat Leon.

With the car receiving it's international d├ębut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show a host of on-site interviews were conducted and these produced a series of vox pops which would go on to be the creative backbone of the piece. Each animated beam of light representing the opinions of those questioned.
The result was this rather striking short film that really captures the dynamic nature of this superb hatchback. 

The light bars were generated and animated in softimage ICE. These were then cached out to Alembic to allow us to speed up and slow down to our hearts content. The scene lighting was almost exclusivly mesh lights applied to the animated light bars and rendered in Arnold. As ever, our trusty KettleUber shader was used exclusively for the surfaces, with some custom jiggery pokery for the car paint surfaces.

Analog Folk


VFX Supervisor:

Neil Canterbury

Phin Glynn
Lighting and Shading:
Jules Stevenson

3D Artist:
Nic Groot Bluemink

Sound / Music:
Mark Delany - RacketBox