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Find Your Way To Google...

In a moment of classic Disney genius our friends over at UNIT9 were invited to create a user experience like no other to celebrate the release of the former's new release Oz - The Great and The Powerful.

In a subsequent move of equal perspicacity Unit 9 turned to Kettle to provide the 3D assets. The project was by far one of the most exciting and rewarding of our roster to date. Have a look for yourself.

It’s not just us that think so, Wired ran an article describing is as ‘gorgeously detailed’ amongst other things. The internet is alive with both normals and nerds interested in the site, and we think you should check it out.


Note: It's a Google Chrome Experiment, and as such is designed to run on Chrome, so your milage may vary in other browsers. 

For the more technically inclined, our role on this job was the production of the 3D environments and props. So we co-designed, built, shaded and output all the stuff you see. We were heavily involved in the conceptual design of the technology, as well as the look: designing how the realtime shaders work, conceptualizing the look and implementation of the 3d, designing the wind effects and generally being the go to 3d folk for the duration of the project.

We've already begun to receive high praise for the work done and here some pretty words detailing just that:

“Disney and Google have built something that’s beautiful and fun and points the way toward the future of web technology and marketing to come... a successful experiment that shows off the sort of immersive experiences possible when using web technologies.” -- Wired

“‘Find Your Way to Oz’ is a fascinating, fun and completely engaging experience marrying brand new web browser techniques with the gorgeous images, look, style and story of ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful.’” -- Babble

“ It's one of the coolest things I've seen on the web in weeks, a reminder that for all our harping about the wonders of mobile apps, the web is where a lot of the quieter but equally impressive innovation is taking place.” -- Popular Science

Or have a look at the HTML5 Rocks case study for the project.

Anrick Bregman

VFX Supervisor:
Jules Stevenson

Phin Glynn
3D Artists:
Neil Canterbury
Matt Morris
Nic Groot Bluemink
Meg Pattern