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Welcome to Imagination Springs – a place where your imagination feels right at home.

Working with Unit9, we helped Imagination Springs spring to life for the SyFy Channel website. This involved creating and building a fantasy city, populated by free thought, where imagination runs wild.

By producing hundreds of images we constructed a virtual urban sprawl, an amalgamation of the off-the-wall, the weird and wonderful, a mixing bowl of drag-and-drop evolutionary craziness. Due to the rapid growth of our futuristic city, we designed a customised pipeline to automate the production of many thousands of assets and deliver them directly to the client. This ensured a fast and pain-free development process for what was an extremely complicated digital project.
The above animation features an in-house reworking of some of these assets, along with a small selection of the gargantuan number of images produced. Feel free to take a tour of our fine, mad city. And if you have no idea what any of this means, why not take a trip to Imagination City itself at
Fredrick Aven
(Unit9 - original assets)

Emma Murphy

3D Supervisor:
Jules Stevenson
3D Artists:
Neil Canterbury
Nic Groot Bluemink
Alex Dorman
Peter Boeykens

Post Artists:
Jules Stevenson