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Working in conjunction with Different Projects, some inspirational and innovative production techniques allowed us to deliver the goods for Orange’s swanky new Quicktap service. We created three animated short films promoting the dawn of contactless technology, launched by Orange and Barclaycard.
By animating in pairs and creating some rather smart scripting we recreated the feel of traditional, stop motion animation on Chrissie Macdonald’s engaging, playful characters. We used high-end rigs with advanced skeleton controls for animation purposes. What evolved was a terrifcally watchable, on-brand experience that got our message across. We’re off to test Quicktap on our phones!
Different Projects

Kettle / Different Projects

3D Supervisor:

Neil Canterbury

Chrissie Macdonald

3D Artists:

Alex Dorman
Jules Stevenson
Nic Groot Bluemink
Andrea Trovato
Tony Landais
Matt Morris


Alex Dorman
Jules Stevenson