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Working with one of Britain’s premier high street brands confirmed our status as a studio for all seasons. It also gave us the opportunity to work on a rather clever media idea.

Partnering with interactive director Robert Bader (Unit9), we created footage featuring one model, in three different sets of clothes, in three different types of weather. This was then used to inspire an ingeniously interactive online campaign for John Lewis’ fashion collection, which adapted viewer content to match the prevailing weather conditions. Exciting, memorable stuff. So memorable, in fact, that it went on to become Flashtalking’s ‘campaign of the month’.
Our approach was as uncompromising as our wardrobe, with every last detail seamlessly stitched together. We integrated the model into pre-existing backgrounds, introduced petals and rain, made hair blow in the wind, and graded and delivered a complex set of assets. We provided on-shoot supervision to ensure that tracking, keying and lighting sat in harmony together. And by using custom particle set-ups in Softimage ICE, we were able to speed up and slow down simulations without any loss of fidelity.

The final result was striking enough to grace any catwalk: a flawless piece of interactive advertising which shows that John Lewis has a wardrobe to suit any weather.
Robert Bader (Unit9)

3D Supervisor:

Jules Stevenson
3D Artists:
Neil Canterbury
Alex Dorman
Nic Groot Bluemink

Post Artist:
Jules Stevenson