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All For This

In advance of this year’s Uefa Champions League Final Kettle were approached to create a series of animations visualising statistics acquired from this year’s competition.

Enlisted by the mighty B-Reel, on behalf of The Corner and adidas, we set about our task equipped with nought but a sense of adventure and a selection of motion capture data. With a sharp turnaround, an iron clad deadline (we did ask them to delay the final but to no avail) and a heavy workload there were plenty of late nights but the completed project was one that we were particularly proud of.

The result was a series of four visually arresting print images and three unique animations. All of which were seen on some of London’s premier advertising space - from the big screen outside the Westfield Centre, the back and front covers of the Evening Standard and outside the final itself. The project was recently featured in Creative Review, which was nice.
Continuing the theme of putting technical information on the right hand side that we're not sure if anyone reads (do let us do if you do) we spent a lot of time in Softimage ICE on this project.

Some of the larger challenges were implementing our own simulate node to facilitate dynamic time remapping (slow downs / speed ups), getting particles to accurately recreate the mocap data of the footballer and providing a way to allow for art direction without huge reworkings. 

Alex Jenkins

VFX Supervisor:
Jules Stevenson

Phin Glynn

3D Artists:
Neil Canterbury
Nic Groot Bluemink
Meg Pattern