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Like bad sunburn we’re bubbling with excitement at our team up with Punq, and steamed our way through a new ident for Scandinavian channel Puls. Jointly directed with Danny Vaia and our good selves, this tongue in cheek little ditty quite literally takes a stroll down daytime telly, with some clever little twists relating to the content.

Given a challenging timeframe (you know the one, race to the finish without sacrificing the quality - all the fun stuff) we had to build a Scandinavian street scene. We kept the style simple but cool - lots of white, hints of colour drawing the eye and adding pop. The little animation details keep it feeling alive, and hint at the TV content the ident is pushing.
All the pretty stuff was assembled in Softimage, rendered in Arnold (of course) and then assembled in Nuke. Final pixel fudging was performed in After effects. Clever stuff is was done for camera transfer from Softimage to After Effects, enabling us to deal with most of the Textures and Logos in post, handy for the inevitable swapping that occurs at the last minute.

Danny Vaia (Punq) / Kettle

Senior 3D Artists:
Jules Stevenson
Neil Canterbury