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Telekom Masks

Joining forces with the liquid awesomeness that is RAD London we produced this real-time facetracking bonanza. To co-incide with the Cologne Carnival season we produced a standalone face tracking unit for installation in Telkom's flagship store. We produced six high quality masks that accurately fit to any face shape - tracking position, and more imprortantly, facial expressions resulting in a very fluid, fun experience.

We also incorporated head nodding detection, allowing the user to interact with the device using just their head to confirm actions. In this case faciliatating taking a photo of the experience.

The masks were built in good old XSI, using a plethora of custom tools to generate, manipulate and then spit out the blendshapes required for each of the masks (over 70..). Each mask had a huge number of hand painted textures, made with love and swearing in Zbrush, as well as running custom shaders to keep them as realistic as possible.
RAD London

Creative Director (RAD)
Adrian Firth

Head of Production (RAD)
Anna Redway

VFX Supervisor:
Jules Stevenson
3D Lead
Neil Canterbury