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After shooting down our rivals to win the pitch, we directed and produced this playful homage to 80s gaming for Anadin. We struck a nostalgic chord with Anadin’s target audience, 30 somethings whose bodies don’t work as well as they used to.

By creating memorable visual icons, and separating well-known ‘aches and pains’, we made it easy for people to understand that Anadin supplies different pills to suit different niggles. Our iterative way of working kept things equally painless for our client, allowing plenty of room for feedback and keeping everyone in the loop.
By creating proprietary systems for generating our cube particle people, we were able to abuse them to our heart’s content – smashing them up, making them explode, and generally being rather nasty. We also injected yesterday’s game with tomorrow’s technology: through dedicated R ‘n’ D we made the classic 8 bit pixel travel through time into the third dimension, where an automatic pixeliser turned solid objects into fully-functional, 3D ‘pixel models’ to feel the full force of a range of explosion techniques.


3D supervisor:

Jules Stevenson
Gary Lucken:
Army of Trolls

3D Artists:
Neil Canterbury
Alex Dorman
Nic Groot Bluemink

Post Artist:
Jules Stevenson