Want to work for Kettle?

Want to work for a studio that’s boiling with opportunities? Then it’s time to speak to Kettle.
We’re always looking for talented people to brew great ideas with. Particularly if you have lots of experience in advertising or film. We produce great work, have lots of fun and help each other. And we’d love to have you along for the ride.

We’re not psychic. But if we had to, we’d guess you’ve probably had enough of city life – the ridiculous hours, the insanity of commuting and the uncertainty of contract work – but that you’re still passionate to produce your best possible work and stretch your abilities. You don’t want a ‘work late’ culture, but if it’s going to make the work better, you’ll choose to. You’re itching with curiosity, to learn more, grow more, achieve more. And you want to freedom to influence the whole production process.

If these thoughts strike a chord, you could be Kettle – and we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at and start heating up your career

Posted by Kettle on 21/05/2011 19:25:45 | with 5 comments


Joel Hogarth

Superb and inspiring work! I hope I land in this type of work after this years graduation!

Great Work!

Joel Hogarth

19/05/2015 17:01:20

Martyn Carter

Hello my name is Martyn Carter I am 18 years old and I am currently studying a Level 3 Media course at Abingdon College this incorporates all types of Media including Advertising and Animation, my passions are animation ,drawing and storytelling , I am contacting you to ask if you would give me the opportunity to do my work experience with you, this commences on 9th- 13th Feb 2015, if this is possible could you please contact me at or on 01235 526992.
Thank you so much
Martyn Carter

23/11/2014 19:59:50

Danne Mangse

I love all the great stuff and nice work you guys are the bomb. I have been looking for this opportunity to be part of a creative team. Keep it up.

04/01/2014 23:25:10

Julian James

New brand! Love it!! Quality work as always. :)

30/11/2011 15:51:57


Hi guys and gals!

The site, the new company name, the location... Love it all! If only I could show you guys my work of the last 5 years... Unfortunately it's all secret squirrel stuff!
Keep up the great work! :-)


19/07/2011 12:10:15

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